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crushing83: ([bsg] parent/teacher conference)
I'm trying to finish more.

I tend to start projects that end up becoming huuuuge. Then, I get discouraged and I scrap 'em, when I realise I don't have the know-how to make them materialise.

So, I have a pile of scrap paper squares from my old job (yes, still, with the scrap paper) and I'm going to try to fill them all. Each one gets a subject. And, as an added bonus, I'm going to either draw or go over my pencil lines with ink and a brush---to practice because my hand is soooo not steady.

I was watching Canada's Next Top Model for the first two. (And yes, I know the first one's neck is way off.) The third? Not sure why the cat has piercings.

Comments and advice are always welcome. Be tactful!

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